Monday, January 14, 2013

Feliz New Year Miami

New Years is one of our favorite holidays. For as long as I have known Blake (06/07 NYE) my New Years Eves have been spent at the Russ house enjoying a pretty impressive bon fire. As we were not going to make the drive back home for the event this year we had no idea what we were going to do with ourselves that evening. After starting out with no plans, we were invited over to Bryan’s (Blake’s older brother) house in Naples. However that morning Blake got a flat tire, he tried to get it fixed and ready to go but had no luck. By 6 everything was closed and we were stuck in Miami with no plans again. Determined not to stay home, we packed up some blankets, a DVD, jambox, and a computer, then set out in search of food. After eating at our favorite Tex-Mex we headed over to Miami Beach, not knowing what to expect but heavy traffic. We were pleasantly surprised, with very little traffic and front row parking a block from the beach with our hybrid car.

Ocean drive was completely blocked off and the streets were full of people from all over the world. We enjoyed walking around taking in the evening scene; lights, music, dancing, countdowns. After taking a little tour around, we found a grassy spot laid out our blankets and watched a movie till almost midnight, when we packed up our stuff and made our way to the beach. There we found a place in the sand and waited for the count down. When the clock hit 12 we enjoyed a nice firework show on the beach. This year because Blake was not the one putting on the show I got my first new years kiss actually at midnight. It was a perfect evening, just Blake and I, no traffic, good food, a movie and firework show on the beach. Just goes to show that sometimes plan B can kick butt.

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  1. You two are just too cute! Always having a good time no matter where you are!