Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manatees in Miami

Fall semester Krysta and I started going to yoga on Saturday mornings with a friend. It was so relaxing getting up and taking an hour for myself each week. Seriously giving my body a workout and my mind a brake, what could be better than that? When pulling into a parking space after yoga one day we saw a small crowd of people looking at the canal behind our apt. There was not enough people to be SUPER suspicions but we asked anyway what the attraction was. It turned out that there were three manatees swimming in the canal in the middle of Miami!!! Two adults and a baby, it was a little manatee family ahah. We dropped our yoga mats and were on the edge of the canal in no time. We had been dying to see manatees since last winter, and the closest we got were two sightings at the beach, but they only really looked like big blobs. These manatees where coming up and eating the over grown grass on the side of the waterway. It was awesome! We quickly called the boys to get out here asap, not knowing how long they would stay. Blake quickly ended and relocated the meeting he was in the middle of to on the edge of the canal. He was meeting with the LDS missionaries… I don’t think they were to disappointed with the change of location. We (not the missionaries) ended up spending a good hour or so watching the two adults and juvenile manatee swim around. I’m so glad we were curious that morning after yoga. 

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