Monday, September 3, 2012

Boating vs. Homework

taken by Krysta's phone
Saturday the Trochez invited us to go out on their boat to tube and jet ski. It does not matter how much homework one may have when being asked this kind of question... you just say yes. So instead of locking ourselves in the house and getting all caught up with school, we spent the day relaxing under the sun. Boating vs. Homework? Boating wins every time. 
We went off Key Biscayne so when looking out one direction all you could see was open ocean while the other there was a view of Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. It was cool looking out and being so close to a busy city and packed beach but feeling so far away on a distant island. It reminded me of going out on the boat in Brazil. Driving to a favorite spot, enjoying the warm water and waves, while watching the tide come in and out. We arrived at high tide, perfect for snorkeling, then took the jet ski out, tubed, ate lunch and relaxed till nearly evening when the tide was coming in again.  This was my first time driving a jet ski, now I have been on jet skis before. In high school we would spend a good part of our summers out on the lake. I Just never got in the drivers seat... I was always too nervous and surrounded by eager teens who were dying to drive. I was always a good passenger though. Blake did not let me pass up this opportunity though, and now I feel a little dumb because who was I kidding those things are really not that hard to drive. Then Blake took me out and tossed me around like a rage doll till I almost threw up. I have never seen someone throw a wave runner around like that. Now I am committed to buy a jet ski of my own, one day. It was a perfect day, no rain with just a few clouds, good friends, and lots of fun.
Now for Labor Day we have locked ourselves in the house doing all that homework we put off. 


  1. I'm sooo glad I am out of school. Glad you got a break before the big crack down.

  2. Replies
    1. live it up while we can, HA! But really school is our life, the blog is about 1/10 of what we really do.

  3. I would agree that boating wins over homework, anyday! That looks like an awesome outing!