Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Key Biscayne Lighthouse

all photos via Krysta
At the beginning of the summer (can you tell from our lack of tan) we explored key biscayne. It was a bad beach day because of the wind but that didn't slow us down. The boys wanted to look for iguanas and brake out the seine (till we were informed you can fish but not use nets in this national park). They did find a cool frog fish though. Blake also shimmied up a coconut tree so Devin could try his first fresh coconut water. We explored the light house and little historical sight on the island. But everyone knows that a windy day is perfect for flying kites, so that we did. However they did get stuck in a tree once or twice, and we might have stopped traffic a little because the parking lot was a good treeless spot to fly. In the end no harm done, we spent most the after noon flying our Buzz Lightyear and Ariel kites. I forget how much fun flying kites can be, so heres hopping for a few more windy days this summer. 

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  1. wow these pictures are great, so pretty!

    xo Jessica