Monday, June 11, 2012

random things that make me terribly happy

most of which are food related...
brotherly love
mango season
blake bringing home cokes to get through our homework
any wedding that serves sinkers and peanut m&m is a wedding for me
my new scuba tank
rainy days in the hammocks with blake
getting to go to emily's dance recital
canadian chocolate from adam
my springtime deal with myself: any day that the weather gets over 90 degrees i can stop for ice cream (I find myself wishing for hot days)
friends who bring us lychee 


  1. I think that's a good deal to have with yourself! I think my rule would be like 70 degrees or something...haha I need my ice cream :)

  2. Smarties and Aero are canadian?! How did I not know that? My country makes some great chocolate! LOL. These are great photos of happy things! :)

  3. Random things that make me happy.....reading your blog!

  4. lol... love Liz's comment. Loved hanging out with you (seriously, I miss you) and LOVE the ice cream idea!!

    p.s. Abby and Lila were discussing their favorite uncles yesterday and Abby said "well, of course BLAKE is my first favorite uncle, so I would want to live in Florida by him!!"

    1. hahahhahah YES, please let Abby come live by us! And I am so glad you guys came down. It was fun, see you next month.

  5. Hahaha, I feel you, delicious food makes me happy too. :-)