Friday, June 8, 2012

The Newest Mr. & Mrs. Russ

The bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner.
Cousinly Love
The soon to be parents of 4

The Party Animals!!!
Last weekend was the wedding of Blake's big brother Brandon (thats a mouth full) to his lovely lady Alex. Here are some of the pictures we captured, but most of the night was spend on the dance floor or in the company of family and friends. Blake and Brandon grew up in the same friend group, so it was a fun reunion since we have all moved to different parts of the state. As I said before their wedding was unlike any other. The couple met at work, Brandon a film editor and Alex a production coordinator. They love movies, they work on movies and they had a movie themed wedding. 
The ceremony was held at the Old Winter Garden Theater, Blake's Dad married the two and every word he spoke was beautiful. It is fun going to weddings and looking back at your own to see how much you have changed and grown together since then. This wedding was extra special because I have never felt so much love for the Bride and Groom before. Brandon has been a friend and brother like figure in my life, he used to tease me and Blake in the awkward days before we became "official". To see him so in love makes me over joyed. 
Okay back to how cool their wedding was.
First of all Brandon and his amazing photoshop skills put his and Alex's faces of old movie posters. I only got one decent picture of Casablanca, but there was Grease, Titanic, and Twilight. Instead of cocktail hour they had movie theater refreshments. Complete with popcorn and your favorite candies. The reception was a true red carpet event. Blake even got an academy award for Best Brother. The beautiful, talented and funny KimBe was the photographer of the evening (she will have great pictures of the movie posters). Kim took our wedding pictures as well, this girl ROCKS! Check her out here and here.
And for a little sneak peek of Brandon & Alex’s wedding here. We love and are so happy for these two, but are sad they are moving to LA next month. Looks like a trip to California for me and Blake.

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