Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins Vs. Washington Nationals
May 28th  
love these girls
Don't let this post trick you, we are not big baseball fans. But when good friends get together, and free tickets are involved it turns out to be a good evening. We have never been to a professional baseball game before and were surprised how many things to keep you entertained, other then the game. Of course we had to have ballpark hotdogs at the game, not purely for tradition but also because we got the call about the free tickets just a little before the game started (because I never have my phone next to me). Another added bonus was getting to see the new Marlin Ballpark. This is their first season in the new stadium and it was the cleanest sports arena I have ever been in. There are other really cool feature like how the roof is retractable, the bobblehead museum, fish tanks behind home plate, and some cool baseball art. All in all we are glad we could tag along for the ride.
Oh and best part about the new ballpark? The A/C, yes the whole park has A/C.

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  1. Fish tanks behind home plate?! How funny!