Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jari's Last Days

After doing all we could in the last few days we had with Jari, the time finally came for her to leave. We took one last photo of the Santos Family, then Mom, Adam and I accompanied Jari to Utah for the last hurrah. We went to the Red Iguana with friends, they are not joking when they say killer Mexican food. I could hardly eat. I do not handle anything that can be considered spicy. Mom, Jari and Adam on the other hand were all about it. I'm glad I have Dad and Blake on my side. 
We also had a Thomas Family get together. It was nice spending time with my cousins, weird how some are now parents with kids of their own. So WEIRD! Then Wednesday, May 16th at 1:45pm Jari entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC). Surprisingly there were not many tears. What I was not expecting, is how hard it has been not being able to text my sister anytime I want. We love her so much, only 17 mouths and 10 days till she comes home.

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