Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Family Weekend

On Presidents Day weekend, Blake and I drove home to spend time with family. It just so happend that Blake's brother Johnny living in Connecticut and my sister Jari living in Idaho were both going to be in town for the weekend. So we drove up to Orlando Friday after school to pick up Jari at the airport. Her flight did not come in till midnight, so we where lucky to spend some time with Blake's brother Brandon and his fiance Alex. They took us to their local Outback where they have made friends with the waiter. It was the best 3-ish hour dinner I have ever had at Outback. Not only was the compainy top notch but we never had to wait for more hot bread or drink refills, it just kept coming. And we got to try the new brownie waffles on the house. Just so you know the brownie waffles are so good they are worth paying for. 
After dinner we picked up Jari and went back to the hotel. Being as our families live so close to Orlando we normally don't get hotels, however Jari was getting in late and we had to be back early the next morning. It was all good in theory... pick up Jari, go back to the hotel, fall right asleep and wake up 8-9 hrs later to start the day. But when sisters only have a weekend together till they are ripped apart by school again, you know they have to stay up till 3am to talk and be silly
Even with a late night it was wonderful to wake up early and go to the Orlando Florida Temple with my family (Sister Hunter has reached family status). 

After spending most of the afternoon at the Orlando Florida Temple and the Cheesecake Facory we got back to Leesburg just in time for the Mari Gras Parade. I know a Maride Gras Parade after the events that took place in the morning do not seem to match. But Leesburg makes their parades family orianeted and how could we pass up a night with the nieces and nephews? Johnny and his family drove into town mid-way through the parade, we were so glad their kids got to join in on the fun. What a welcome to grandma's house after driving for two days.
As you can see the kids have a lot of fun collecting as many beads as possible. In 2007 they got so many beads it looked like they were going to cut off their air ways.

The rest of the weekend was spent hopping from house to house trying to spend as much time as we could with each family.
Before Jari left we showered her with gifts. The blanet I was making as a Christmas present, and we brought a coconut back from the Keys for her as well.
It was such a fun weekend with the family, when we got back to Miami we literly passed out because almost every second we spend doing something. Somtimes sleep just has to wait when family is in town.

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