Monday, October 31, 2011

Widdman's First Annual Halloween Party

Still catching up with the Holidays.... 

First off Halloween.
Halloween came early for us this year, instead of celebrating on the 31st we got to be involved in the Widdman's First Annual Halloween Party. As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays I was willing to drive the 4+ hrs straight from volunteering to help get ready. It was a late night... Amy and Heather had done most of the work before I got there, but we had fun making bows and organizing all the little details for party favors and prizes. 
The party was filled with all the Halloween classics. 
Bobbing for apples.
Bones Scavenger Hunt.
Face Painting.
Fortune Telling (by Grandma Russ)
Lots of Food.
Photo Booth.
And The Scariest Hunted House EVER!!!
The Haunted House was no joke that coolest thing ever!!!! Lets just say kids were bragging about being so scared they peed their paints. 
Adam and I were a scene in the Haunted House. This is us staring into the strobe light to get a picture. 

After the party Adam, Blake and I carved pumpkins.
 Adam got really good at the carving thing...
I am so glad we were able to go home for a little Halloween fun, because on October 31st Blake and I went for a run and pretended not to hear the door knocks as we did homework... we were so lame for forgetting to buy candy. 


  1. Haha, looks fun…but I can't believe you forgot to buy candy for Halloween!!?!? lol

  2. so fun! Wish we could have been there. I can't believe how incredible Liz looks! Awesome!