Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well this Halloween really just came and went.  Blake and I have been working so much we almost had no time to do anything for Halloween.  But starting on the 27 I began making our costumes.  Not having much time because there was only 4 days till the ward party, not to mention Thursday we already had a full day planed.  So I was down to 3 days, plus we still had 50 hrs to work before 6pm on Saturday.  With no time to spare I hit up Walmart, and thrift stores so by the 29th came we had almost everything.

Then all it took was Saturday at 00:01 I went looking throw some old fabric to make a belt, handkerchief, and collar.  Along with fixing up a black skirt and finding big brown boots down stairs.
And Bam!! Popeye and Olive Oil!!

Like I said I started making these costumes on the 27th so I could not have finished without the help of my mom making the handkerchief and collar while we were working.
Even though Blake and I got off work at 3:30pm on Saturday, we stopped by Walmart on the way home to buy some unloved pumpkins that where leftover from 100s of people digging though them all.  I even got mine carved to put in the ward contest by 6:30pm... Blake's on the other hand did not make it.
All that work for 1 ward part, spending time with crazy nieces and nephews and their fun loving parents.  I would not have changed a thing, except maybe geting a picture with us all in it.
An adorable Flapper
The macho Wrestling
Doc. and Patient + their 3 ninjas and a cute mermaid.
A Fairy, Ballerina and the coolest skateboarder ever. 
But wait... that was only the beginning of the evening.  Like I said Blake and I work like crazy so when we have time off we take it.  After the ward party I went out to dinner with my mom... and on the menu was a pasta, spinach and olive oil salad, that I just had to get.

While Bo, Blake and Adam went out on the air boat.  

Blake did not change out of his Popeye outfit to get a good picture on the boat. 
 And Adam caught his first gator!!!
He looks excited doesn't he.

Well this year was fun, and I can see those costumes coming out again when we have our own little sweet pea one day.  


  1. SO glad you took pics. You guys are awesome and the thought of a little sweet pea, makes me smile!!!!

  2. That's so fun! We miss you guys up here, but glad that things are going well :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You guys are so much fun!