Sunday, October 30, 2011

When parents come to town

This month Blake and I got really lucky and both sets of parents come down to see us. Blake parents came the first week of October. But because we neglected to bring a camera there was not pictures taken. But we had a good time showing George and Liz around Miami. Taking them to see FIU, our apartment, and to our new favorite Honduras restaurant (sometimes Blake craves baleadas). We ended the weekend with Ice Cream and General Conference, what could have been better?

Then the 3rd weekend in October my parents and brother Adam came down to visit us. They wanted to see the beach and go to the zoo. And after waking up to an overcast day we thought it would be best to start at the Zoo in hopes of the weather getting warmer. This time we did take a few pictures, thanks to my mom being prepared with a working camera. It turned out to be a perfect day to go to the Zoo all the animals were out and about.

We almost left before getting to the best part. Little did we know but Adam had done his research and knew that there was something special about the Miami Zoo. And that was you get to feed the giraffes. 
 Dad did not like it very much..

The boys got a little carried away with the whole thing. 

After the Zoo we headed to the beach for lunch. Even though it was still overcast it was beautiful.

The rest of the weekend was filled with singing and dancing to Kaoma back at our apartment. My dad insisted to eat corn pudding, fried cheese and dulce de leche with bananas for dinner. So lets just say I felt like we had spent the evening in Brasil.

It is always fun when family comes to visit. 


  1. I love Dad's favorite foods. And I love those pants! love love love

  2. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! (minus the giraffe licking your brothers face... yuck!) haha

  3. Hey, I think we missed something. I want to feed a giraffe next time we come!