Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Bon Fire

Most other years it is a go Big or go home kind of thing.... like last year. They build most of the structure with pallets and Christmas trees, so the fire is huge but is gone by nights end. But this New Years the boys had a different approach. They made a good size fire out of big oak logs and a little fire for smores. It was perfect for hanging out and enjoying friends.
We had left over jumbo sparkler from the 4th of July , sparklers are always fun no matter what your age. 
This was us trying to draw 2012... instead we just burnt a chunk of Jari's hair.
And of course there was fireworks at midnight.
At the end of the night there was a little bottle rocket war. I had never heard of such a thing, but I was pretty excited to participate. It was a rush having bottle rockets flying around and trying not to get hit. I nailed Adam right in the chest once, it was pretty awesome. 
And the boys got a little carried away.
Because this fire was made of good solid wood it truly burned for days. 
And as you can see the boys enjoyed ever minute of it. 

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