Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blake and his Shark

Well over the summer Blake got asked to go camping and canoeing with the boy scouts. He left with a hammock and a change of clothes, but came back with a cooler full of scallops and a bonnethead shark.
While Blake and his canoeing partner (a brand-new deacon on his first camp-out) were making there way down the river Blake mentions to the boy that if he sees anything in the water to let him know. Later on down the river the boy pointed out a sea turtle... and to his surprise Blake jumped out of the canoe and caught it. Then the boy pointed out this little shark in the shallow water. And Blake got out in the water running after it trying to catch it. Then to the surprise of both Blake and the boy, Blake caught the shark with a little fish tank size scoop net and his other free hand. Blake had full intentions of letting it go but the boys wanted to eat the shark and keep the skull. So they packed it in the cooler and Blake brought it home. 
After taking pictures of Blake's prize shark my Dad cooked a little up for us to try. That little bonnet head shark had a lot of meat on it. After feeding our family and the boy scouts, Blake and I still had a few dinners with shark being the main course. 

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