Thursday, March 3, 2011

Odd Jobs!

Well Blake and I have worked our bottoms off last semester till we started school here in Florida.  And I'm happy to say we are now moved into our first apt. (maybe I will get photos on here) and started school on the 5th of Jan. 

Here are some of the jobs we got from Aug.-Dec.

Blake working laying concrete a few mornings each week,

and sometimes it was not so much laying the concrete but taring it up.

We also fixed up his George's old house to rent.  We cleaned the place along with...

painting the 3 bedrooms...

Changing the carpet...

and we fixed up the yard.

   Also while Blake's parents went away for Thanks Giving I painted their living room, 1 bathroom and hall ways.  Blake and Bo fixed the sprinkler system, laid sod and put the rest of the yard in order.  Amy cleaned the house along with taking care of the grandkids and grandparents. This was not a job but it was work, as well as a good surprise for Liz and George.

My main job was working at our family's 441 Urgent Care Center.  It was fun to work with my Mom and Dad.  Blake would work there in the evenings most nights as well. 

sorry mom was not in this photo 
Jari did not start working there till I had already started school.  Sad it would have been fun to work with here.

Blake also had a job working for The Village's, he would be out fixing pipes that water mains almost every morning in the cold. 

And I made a few bucks working at the Honda of Ocala tent car sale.  

Oh and I also got a job at Sonny's and Bone Fish Grill... but that did not last long, as you can tell I did not have the time.
We got a lot done in our first 3 months of marriage.  It sounds FUN I know, personally I am enjoying school much more.  And the odd jobs did not stop there.  Just last week Blake got a job painting a 1/4 mile long fence.  He did most of it him self but I went out "one Saturday morning" instead of watching cartoons I went out to help him as well.  

Painted both sides of this fence took longer then we thought it would.  


  1. Sounds like life is crazy, but wonderful! I'm glad you guys got your own apartment, it's the best!

  2. Love the pics, especially that you captured how filthy Blake was on some of those days. I miss you guys being here, but am thrilled that you have your own place and all is moving forward. Love you both!!!!

  3. Parabéns meus sobrinhos lindos, corajosos e super trabalhadores... Saudades, beijosssssssssssssss