Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the Stockings were Hung

The Russ Family and Ant Viki's Stretchy Christmas Stockings.

If you ask any of the kid that were raised in the home of Liz and George Russ they could all tell you they had the coolest Christmas Stockings made by their Aunt Viki.  All 10 of the kids had their own, they would stretch to be filled every Christmas morning.  One of the best parts was that almost none of them where the same and they were not Christmas colors.  

To make our first Christmas special I wanted to make Blake and I some stockings we could use for the rest of our lives (not thinking I would have to compete with Aunt Viki).  I thought this would be a simple and even easy task.  But one thing led to another....

I only made Blake's stocking ginormis at first but I got jealous and made me a second one.  

Blake said he wanted. No, NEEDED his to be bigger then mine because he is the patriarch of the family,  By mistake I made mine a little bigger.  But with some extra time, I made mine smaller hiding some of my long hard work.  

So by Sunday the 19th I started making my 3rd stocking.  But then I felt bad for making myself 2 and not making any for my nieces and nephews (who's parents would love their kids to have hand made, stretchy stocking) So I finished 4 average size and 2 huge stocking before Christmas.  But the last stitch did not come till Christmas Eve around 8pm.  I was able to surprise my sister Amy with stockings for her kids.  
And she made us our first Christmas ordament.  

It was a wounder full Christmas Eve.  I could not have asked for anything more.

After spending Christmas Eve at the Russ house a packed up our car and drove to the Santos house.  There we waited for Santa to come and finished our Annual Christmas puzzle.

Adam wrapped his gift to us in Symphony bars
It is so nice that our families live so close.  We are almost able to fit in both family traditions (It would not be Christmas without my mom's Christmas Wassail)  I'm just glad both our families go to the movies on Christmas day each year.  


  1. AWESOME! Seriously, AWESOME! I love the stockings, they turned out great!

  2. Way fun! It is really nice to have both sides living close together!