Sunday, June 12, 2016

London, England

We ended our trip back in London. By this time we were experts at our travel routine, but oh so tired. That did not stop us from getting out and seeing some of the sights. But the cold and the fact that everything seemed to cost much more in London, we found ourselves spending a lot of time finding refuge in cafes. As we found comfort in a warm cup of hot chocolate, we got to reflect on this wonderful trip, our time in college, and the new life we would start when we got home.
Our last day there we headed home early to order pizza and watch a movie. We needed time to relax and recharge before the long flight home. Thank goodness the flight home was the exact opposite from our flight there. Lizzy was an angle and slept almost the entire time. 
We headed back to the states with little to no regrets but after a month of traveling we were happy to be home.

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