Sunday, April 3, 2016

Florence, Italy

As far as cities go, Florence was one of my favorite. It felt small, but was big enough that it did not feel over crowed. Plus food was cheaper here, so we could finally afford a 2 course meal. Another thing I liked about Florence was it seems the whole city could be put in a museum. Along any wall you can see the remains of frescos, some nicer pieces behind plexiglass, while others are just one of the many that have faded with time. Even our hotel was old and cute with the Medici family crest above the main entrance. 
Then there was the cathedral, that was distinct to all the others we had seen thus far, being that it was white, green, and pink, instead of completely stone.
^^Italian ice in the colors of the Italian flag, right? ... why are the colors not in the right order?^^
^^we fixed it^^
During our time in Florence we mainly put away our camera and relaxed. We walked around the leather market, grabbing yummy food and leather goods along the way. As we walked through the narrow street we were entertained by the best street musicians playing the violin, saxophone, guitar, or any other classical instrument. Florence takes first place for street performers. We stopped at the Piazza della Signoria where we saw the statue of David replica and crossed over the Ponte Vecchio.
After a relaxing day we caught the night train to Venice.

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