Sunday, January 4, 2015

We actually went to a football game

Since Lizzy was born she has had a lot of firsts, but this UF football game was a first for Blake and I as well. We had never gone to football game as students, it being our last semester we figured it was a must. The week before we all went to our first tale gating party for Blake's BCN club, we had never seen campus transform into such a festive scene, and pumped us full of team spirit. So when a friend called with 12 tickets up for grabs, we took them and invited some of the Russ family to come along. The weather was perfect for little Lizzy to enjoy the outdoors and for me to get out of the house. The stadium is only a mile and a half from our apartment so we made the walk instead of fighting traffic. Even if the last few football seasons have not been the best, we are still proud to be Florida Gators. 

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  1. Love reading about you and your family! Go Gators!!