Friday, December 5, 2014

Los Angeles, California

^^ don't mind the bags under our eyes, a 12 hr jet lag was hard to get over. No matter what I did I seemed to be wide awake a 3am, just waiting for time to past.^^
^^ Best hamburgers ever, The Counter^^
^^we found an Ewok^^
^^Blake was very insistent about stopping by Randy's Donuts because he saw it from the air plan and remembered it from Iron Man. But the day we went they were putting up a sign over the giant donut in support of a hockey team.^^

On the way home from Asia we had to have a lay over in California. It turned out that it was cheaper to stay in LA for a few days opposed to flying straight home. So it was a perfect opportunity to spend time with Blake's brother and wife who live in LA. 
It was Blake's first time in California, so we did all the "must does" while there. We went to Hollywood Blvd, the Chinese Theater, La Brea Tar Pits (I have always waned to go there since watching my girl 2), we road bikes from Santa Monica to Venice beach, spent a night looking over the city at the Griffith Observatory, and ate all the yummy food we could. Really the food was an important thing to Blake and I, there were lots of things we had missed from living out of the states. 
One of my favorite parts was getting a tour of the WB. Alex who works on lots of cool TV shows has connections and got us a free private tour of the place. It was much more impressive then I could have ever imagined. Rooms of props (some of which I recognized from popular movies), fake ally ways and neighborhood blocks, and warehouses of cars. We ended our tour with a visit to the costume and Harry Potter museum. There we got to see cool costumes like the ones from "The Dark Night Rises" and "Man of Steel", along with a whole floor of costumes and props from the Harry Potter movies. 
^^From The Goonies^^
 I am not sure why we did not take the real camera with us during the tour. It might have been because I (being 5 month pregnant at the time) threw up right as we pulled onto the premises, picture taking was not the first thing on my mind at the time. Either way it was really cool.

 Blake was sporting an interesting beard our whole trip in California because this was his travelling attire. The beard just topped off the outfit. He wanted to keep the whole look for our families in Florida. Notice the homemade luggage he put together to bring back some stuff we collected in Asia. 
Thank you Brandon and Alex (and some of the best dogs, woody and holly) for showing us such a good time.

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