Friday, October 17, 2014

Mui Ne, Vietnam

While in Vietnam we split up our trip, part of the time we toured around Ho Chi Minh City, the rest we explored the beach town of Mui Ne. Some people say this place is over crowed and touresty, but it must have been the off season because I did not feel over run by outsiders. We stayed in a hostal right on the water, truly everything was on the water, restaurants, stores, and surfing schools. It was perfect for laying out in the sun watching all the kite and wind suffers either killing it with their amazing skills, or newbies biffing it as they learned. At really windy times of the day the sky would be filled with kites. 
^^ in the mornings we would go out and buy fresh fruit for breakfast^^
^^ the beach disappears at high tide^^

Sand dunes
One day we left the beach and took a jeep inland to the sand dunes. While there it was hard to remember we were in Vietnam. I never expected such a deserty place where I often think of jungle. We rented an ATV and drove that piece of crap (it stalled on us more than once) up and down the dunes. I am such a scaredy cat when Blake is behind the wheel of these kinda things. It was almost like free falling going down some of those hills.
Fairy Stream
We also took a "waterfall" walk down a random stream. We never did find the water fall though. It was a nice mix of everything Mui Ne had to offer, water, sand, and jungle.

Our last night in Vietnam (and Asia for that matter) we walked the streets buying fresh fruit smoothies, and ended our travels watching the sunset on the beach. 
 It was a perfect little Vietnam get away to end our trip in Asia. I could not have asked for a better start of the summer break. Truly this Spring Semester has been one I never could have dreamed of. I feel so lucky we had the opportunity to experience and travel so much. Thanks UF for giving us the opportunity of a life time along with our education. 

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