Sunday, November 24, 2013

We're Out of Here!

We have been planning, working, saving, and filling out lots of paper work, but the time has finally come... we are moving to Singapore!! Don't know where Singapore is at??? Well, I don't blame you, it is a little, tinny island off the coast of Malaysia.
We have been planning this trip since the summer when Blake applied and got a scholarship to study abroad. He will be taking all the same classes he would have at UF but instead at the National University of Singapore. As I am able to take all my UF classes online. Therefore this trip will not set our education back one bit. We have not wanted to get too excited till visas and all paper work were done. No wanting to make it facebook/blog official till everything was certain. And thus far everything seems to be working out perfectly. Our extended trip to south east Asia (we will live there for about 6 months) has taken up almost all of our free time this semester, because if we are going to travel across the world, why not make a few stops along the way. It's going to take us 3 weeks to finally make our way down to Singapore, with stops in Istanbul Turkey, Beijing China, Bangkok Thailand, and Siem Reap Cambodia. We have been sitting on our tickets for over a month now and with only 29 days till we leave, I must say we are MORE then stoked about this adventure. So stay tuned, we will have many stories to share here on the blog about our travels in Asia. 
In other exciting news, my sister Jari gets home from serving an 18 month LDS mission THIS WEDNESDAY!! Like in two days people!!! Too much excitement going on over at the Russ/Santos house this week.


  1. Wow! How cool is that?! You two are so adventurous! (hence the name of your blog haha) Hope you guys have an awesome time!

  2. Super cool! Enjoy yourselves and your many opportunities! So excited to see Jari again!

  3. You guys are so cool! Have fun! Jari is coming home on Wednesday?! I bet that is almost as exciting as you are for the trip :D

  4. wow!! That is so exciting!! Singapore sounds AWESOME and full of adventure!! I would love to travel somewhere like that!