Monday, May 13, 2013

Diving for Shark Teeth

Blake and I got back to Miami early this morning. Blake is off at his first day with Coastal Construction, and I have spend most of the day in the laundry room. We have lots to share from our road trip, but first an adventure from spring semester.
One Wednesday afternoon I started thinking about the weekend and going over the things I would need to study. After finding I had nothing mandatory to prepare for I made a list of random things we could do over the weekend; camping, scuba dive, hunt for shark teeth in Venice. After talking to Blake we turned this list into a plan. So we left Thursday after school, and made the drive to Venice, Fl. We have been wanting to test out our idea of fitting a blowup mattress in the back of the Prius for some time now, this was the perfect opportunity. So we slept in a Walmart parking lot, and to be honest I slept like I was in my own bed. If I have not said it before I will say it now, the Prius ROCKS!!!

We woke up got our scuba stuff together and headed to the beach. When we arrived, there were two locals getting ready to dive as well. Because we had only read online about the place we were glad they said we could tag along. But once in the water we could tell these two were going to drag us down, not only were they calling the average water ruff, but they were having trouble making it past the wave brake. Blake and I cut cords with them quick and went our own way. After making the first decent we were a little discouraged because there was only about a foot of visibility  We had to crawl our way along the ocean floor and at one point I could not even tell which way was up or down. We had to hold hands so not to get lost. After Blake grabbed a crab we came back up and paddled out a little further in hope of better visibility  And how glad I am that we did. On our second decent we were blessed with about 5 foot of visibility and were able to start our hunt for shark teeth. After a few minutes we started to have lots of success, finding about one ever minute or so. Wanting to explore a little more before we committed ourselves to this spot we kept moving out to sea. I was surprised at the small patches of coral that we came across. But our real intent was to find a giant 5 inch megladon tooth. The water was cold, no the water was FREEZING! and even with 2 wetsuits I was beginning to shiver and was to the point where I had a constant brain freeze. We never found a better spot to find shark teeth, and where there are shark teeth there will be megladon teeth. So being low on air we came back in. I'm so glad we left the locals because by the time we got out of the water these guys had already packed up and gone home... wimps. Sure we were cold, and a little sea sick, but it was totally worth it. We came up with about 10 teeth, and 2 perfect sand dollars (there were millions down there). And now that we know the dive spot a little better I look forward to diving it again and collecting more. Next time in the middle of summer.

Friday we had arranged to camp at the local State park. So after filling our tanks we made our way to the site and set up camp. The temperature was perfect so we were able to just enjoy nature and relax. We had invited my family to come join us if they wanted and I’m so glad they did. Blake cooked up so amazing meat, Adam grilled corn, Mom made edemami’s and I got everything ready for waffle smors. It was really a better meal then we eat at home. Things just taste better when cooked outside sometimes.

Dad was not able to make it till Saturday morning, he showed up wearing an interesting outfit but nothing too crazy. After breakfast he started talking about survivor, then he asked Blake to film his audition tape (hence the interesting ourfit). I remember my Dad making a tape when I was little and I still think he would be a funny character on the show (have you seen Brandon's addition tape?). He now says he is going to send in a tape every year till he gets on… I hope me makes it hahaha. Saturday was spent on the beach, Adam and I tried to go diving but visibility was only about an inch. We ended the day with sushi, ice cream and a movie. We got home about 1 am with sun kissed faces, full bellies and a car to unpack. So glad we took this last minute getaway. 

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  1. I LOVE reading about your adventures! Those are some pretty cool shark teeth.