Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Monday Ever!


Sometimes Monday gets a bad reputation for being the worst day of the week. Then days like this Monday happen and I wish that everyday were Monday. After a well rested night I got to start my day off by getting a phone call from my big sis Jari. She has been in the MTC for the past two month and yesterday she left to New Jersey. There she will be serving the remainder of her 18 month mission for our church. While she is away we don't get to call and talk when ever we want. We do however write letters and e-mails once a week. During her travels she was able to call home and after talking to the parents she saved her last few minutes to give me a ring. If my day ended there it would have been concidered the best Monday ever. It was so nice getting to hear her voice. After getting off the phone Blake and I spent the rest of the morning scuba diving. This trip we caught 3 tangs for our fish tank. We had to get one last dive in before Mom Santos came down to see the tank. Once we got home from diving I got going on some homework which seemed like a dumb thing to do since it was 5pm by the time I started, what was I doing to get done. In the end I successively completed half of the weeks worth of school (yes the day would  have been better without having to do school). Just in time too, because momonts later Mom called to say she had arived. Mom will be spending the week with us, and we have lots of fun planned. Really what more could I have asked out of Monay this week? Guess I could ask for the whole family to be spending the week with us. Then again sometimes it is nice to have Mom all to myself. 
These pictures are the ones we took in Costa Rica this winter (all we used was a tripod and Blake's mad skills for these pictures). Our last big family outing till Jari gets back. 

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