Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Birds in One Leap

After our last finals of the semester down in Miami, we hit the road for the Emerald Coast of Florida. The Emerald Coast is up on the pan handle, close to Alabama. A long ways from home I know, but it was worth ever minute. The beaches here are my Dad's favorite in the whole state. Who can blame him, with white sugar sand, emerald green water so clear you can see your toes. We had to make the trip while his Sister was in town from Brazil, so that she could see beautiful beaches my Dad has talked about. The past five days were spent with the familia singing, dancing, and eating . Here are a few pictures of the birds Blake caught. Two birds in one leap.
More photos and stories to come...


  1. those moving pictures. i love it! looks like the perfect way to celebrate the end of finals!!
    xo TJ

  2. love it! super cute picture video! Jari is cute as a button! miss you guys! <3