Wednesday, May 30, 2012

John Pennekamp Scuba Diving

Speaking of Scuba Diving, we had to take Jari one last time before she left. So we got a group of friends together and spent cinco de mayo under the water of John Pennekamp in Key Largo. It was a two tank dive. First we explored an old shipwreck then some open reef. Here are a few picture from under the sea
We love our under water camera casing, Blake has had it for over six years now. But the last time we used it, it let in water for the first time and ruined our camera. That is why there were no pictures from our Memorial Day dive. 


  1. Great underwater photos! Looks like a blast :)

    1. Colorful fishes in these pictures are so charming. These pictures are showing the entire beauty of sea. Thanks for showing these pictures.
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  2. Fantastic.. looks like you all had a blast. Sucks about your last camera.

  3. aww, i've always wanted to scuba dive. what magical shots!!!
    xo TJ

  4. looks so fun!!
    btw i love how you and jari have matching swim suits (:
    super cute!

  5. Those are some really amazing clicks!! Seems you had loads of fun!