Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Emerald Coast: Part II

I'm back from my 3 weeks away from home!!! It is so nice to be sleeping in my own bed again. I still have lots of photos and stories from our family RV trip so here you go.

After Panama City we drove up to Destin Florida. Destin is such a cool city, it has all the shops and eateries like Orlando but it's much newer and nicer. So for day two we drove to Santos Rosa Beach and spent the day there. After day one we all had a bit of a sunburn, so most of the day was spend under cover ups, hats and sunnies, but we still managed to have fun in the sun. 
My lovely cousin Sophia.
Love playing volley with my Dad, he is straight up crazy.
Talking about my Dad being crazy, it was also his idea to steal this boat because it looked abandoned. Don't worry we did get it back to the owner.
That evening we spend at a go-cart mini/golf place. Amanda, Janae and I road the super man. I was pier pressured in to going on it ... looking back I can say it was fun, but will never be doing that again. Then most the adults got in the little kid water duck ride thing, it was a blast.

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