Friday, October 15, 2010

Our 6 day road trip

Here was the plan, Blake and I were going to get married go on our honeymoon then drive out to BYU-Idaho for school.  But after being in FL for 2 weeks and 1 week in Mexico we deicided the cold, windy, cloudy, 9 months of winter was not for us.  So we stayed in Florida... but we still had to make the trip to Idaho for our stuff we left.  2 weeks worth of swimsuits and my wedding dress was not going to be much to live off of.  So we left at 4 am on Tuesday Aug. 24th and got back Sunday Aug, 29th at 8 pm.  We made amazing time but that does not mean we had no fun on the way.

We went to...

White Castle somewhere in Tennese

St. Luis MO and the Gateway arch


Blake was jumping over the posts.. just could not make it over the trash can.

And that one waterfall near Provo 
 That was our 1st 36-ish hours... we just took turns driving and sleeping straight from FL to UT. After sleeping at my aunts house we were on the road to Rexburg.


And the MT. Blake Russ 

We were in Rexburg for about 2 hours.  Just enough time to to pack our Prius, which wholes A LOT more then you would think. (we forgot to take a picture of that) And we had to eat at our favorite pizza place before we left, Craigo's and the cookie pizza.

and Snoasis 

Then we drove to Montana to go to Yellow Stone.  We used our new tent we got from our wedding.  Blake learned that KOA's are everywhere.

this is the biggest crow we had ever seen... 

it even eat a smaller, much cuter bird.  

after Yellow Stone we drove to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.  

after a night is South Dakota it was straight back to Florida.

their were just hills of sunflowers

Our last meal was at Lambert's cafe, home of the thrown rolls (the trailer trash cafe) in Alabama. 


  1. nice that trip looks like the bomb

  2. Fun!!! Looks like you guys had a fun little trip.

  3. I'm tired just reading your post!! :) I can't believe you guys did all that. Sad that we were too far out of the way. Guess that means you'll have to make another trip soon, right!!

    p.s. I laughed at that first picture of white castle because there are like 6 burgers and 3 fries on Blake's tray.... awesome!!

  4. FUN! I love seeing all your pictures. We didn't take nearly enough at this stage in our life :( Mark's a big fan of Lamberts.