Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov was another smaller town we wanted to mix in between the bigger cities. It is a charming little place with St. Vitus Church on a hill in the center, surrounded by red roofed buildings, and a large castle on its border. The main attractions are historical sights which have been restored and are open for visitors. I truly don't know much about the history but here like in Berlin we saw many school groups walking around taking notes. Other than the historical aspects of Cesky Krumlov the streets are lined with cute toy shops (we found that the Czech Republic is kinda known for there hand crafted wood toys) and cafes. 

^^ St. Vitus Church^^
^^Our hostel was super cute and quit enchanting, from its large hobbit like door (it's the one to the right, and you cant tell but it is a very short and fat door. I loved it), up the crooked stairs lined with old clocks and into our room with a view of the street below. We had a relaxing time.^^ 
^^ Little Lizzy taking a peek^^
We were only there one day, so we took no time to get from our hostel and into a raft. Lizzy took a little nap while Blake and I paddled down the river enjoying the view. 

I loved how the town center is surrounded by the Vltave River. This made it a little tricky navigating our way to our hostle but it was totally worth it. On this trip through Europe we had been doing a lot of walking and sight seeing, so adding a little raft ride around the town was a nice change.
After the river we walked around the town, and its castle. The castle is not in use and does not house anything precious, but it was fun to use our imagination on our tour of the grounds. We did find however that after restoring the castle they left a family of bears that live in its moat. Yes, that's right in the moat. This may seem like a sad life for a bear, but it was all set up like a zoo enclosures. However it was still quite shocking when we first discovered them. 

^^inside St. Vitus Church^^
^^Lizzy at dinner with her new toy^^
^^ Again we had meat topped with whipped cream and cranberry sauce, along with a side of dumplings.
And just like that we were back on the road, this time to Austria. We were amazed at how many castles we spotted along our drive through Germany and the Czech Republic. I am so glad we had a car to explore and be spontaneous. 

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