Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Few Pictures That Sum Up Christmas 2014

We had been looking forward to Christmas for what felt like forever! Not only was it going to be an end of another semester, but last Christmas, we did not get to participate in all the fun traditions. Although spending Christmas in Istanbul was one to remember, we missed all the seasonal food, and family togetherness. Plus this year would be Lizzy's first Christmas, so that made it extra special. I had almost three weeks off for Christmas Break and filled every bit with the seasons finest; family, friends, decorations, and endless sweets. 

Here are a few pictures to sum up Christmas 2014.
Our Christmas Eve at the Russ house is on video.... maybe I'll get my act together and post a film later. I mean its already April and I'm posting about Christmas.... so don't hold your breath. 
After finding out we had not gotten Lizzy Christmas PJs, my sister-in-law Amy went and picked some up. Even if they were a little big, I love these pictures, especially the last one,

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