Thursday, February 6, 2014

China: Donghuamen Night Market

We had looked online and thought there would be real fun to be had at the Donghuamen Night Market. This is where we ate lots of creepy crawlers. As it was not the easiest to get around Beijing (even with the English translation our mouths just couldn't move that way), we were worried we wouldn't be able to find the place. But we followed a map and there was no mistaken when we got there. The street was lit up with vendors all along one side of the road. You could buy anything, from noddles, rice, and duck to bull testicles and giant centipedes. As we walked down the street the cooks would call out to us in English trying to get us to buy their food. It didn't take much convincing for us to eat crickets, snake, scorpion, octopus, and other random things. We would have eaten more, like the tarantula or sea star (how do they eat that any how?) but they cost too much. We just couldn't justify spending $12 to eat a tarantula. We had so much fun there we spent two dinners trying new things. It was just one of those places that you only see TV. 

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