Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wynwood Walls

For a date I took Blake down to the Wynwood Walls. What is Wynwood Walls? Well it is an old wears house district near downtown that has been turned into giant canvases for street art. This is about as close as I’m going to get Blake into an art museum, and lets face it graffiti is pretty awesome. Every building in this district is covered with some kind of color. We had fun driving, then walking around admiring how people can make these master peaces with spray paint.
Except this one...

this was chiseled out of the concrete wall. 


  1. Loved looking at this beautiful and amazing. How did you take the picture of you two with the sun set between you...a timer? That turned out really sweet.

  2. Holy cow that's super cool! And your hair is sooo long! Love it :)

  3. so cool! You should frame that last one! LOVE it!

  4. not that the last one isn't cool, but I meant the kissing one. That's the framable one!