Wednesday, August 29, 2012

random things that make me terribly happy

when the krispy kreme's light is on
the cool new braid i did on the niece's hair
making a roof rack and bringing the kayak down to miami
rita's at the beach 
getting awesome parking for owning a prius aka silent night
baby sitting that kid
making it home for mom's birthday
taking those kids to see their new baby brother jake
2 year anniversary 
taking the girls to the mall, justice is the place...
boys being boys

It is so nice posting these random things after a bad day. Yesterday, let me tell you was not the best. After driving the 5 hours home (we were diving slow because we had the kayak) getting very little sleep and having to get up early for school. I woke up to a nice new scratch on silent night, was reminded that not reading e-mails equals missed opportunities, and in between noding off in class I listened to professors telling me to drop the class now because their curriculum is impossibly hard. In the end I came home to find all the picture we took over the long weekend having a little black dot. With further examination we found the dot was coming from a speck located on the sensor (this is inside the camera). After a good nights sleep, reminding my self not to stress over things you can't control and Blake's successful brain surgery on the camera (my stomach was in knots) today has been much better. 

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