Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach County

This is not a photo of the sand, there is a flounder there.
This is another Dive I highly enjoy. The only thing is when you get to Blue Heron Bridge you will find lots of divers and snorkelers in very close quarters. Mostly because there is only about a 2 hour window during slack tide to dive this sight. Many of these divers do underwater photography because it is a consistently good dive. There are two bridges you are able to explore under and around, a smaller bridge to your left and the larger Blue Heron to the right. You are not confined to the bridges there are lots of sunken boats and rocks in between the two, so lots to see in what looks like a small area. When first entering the smaller bridge it can be freaky, at first it looks like it is going to be pitch black... but once under you are able to see pillars and loads of fish. People say there are lots of sea horses here, but we have yet to see any. As amazing as it would be to see little sea horses swaying with the sea grass, we have had fun watching lots of arrow crabs, banded shrimp, purple urchins, barracuda, sea stars larger then my head, baby octopus and tropical fish large and small. I wear a wet suit and gloves on this dive, not because of the water temperature, but because I don't want to rub up against anything while navigating through the bridge pillars.

Dive Information

location: East Blue Heron Blvd Fl. 33404 or Riviera Beach

Parking: When pulling in, park in the lot to the left. There really is not a bad parking spot. You can also follow the cars with dive flags there will most certainly be some. 

Cost: $0

Walk to the dive site: Your choice, you can dive the large bridge to your right or smaller bridge to your left. Walk accordingly.

Snorkel/back paddle to the dive site: No need just descend and enjoy. 

Depth: max around 20 feet. 

Bottom time: Lot of variables go along with this. We have gotten in the water a little to early, causing us to paddle harder fighting against the curent. We have also gotten in a little late and with the increase in current we got out before our air was up. Best advice get in at least 45-30 minutes before high tide. Here is a web site that gives a good chart to follow. 

Showers: Yes, there are about 4 along the parking lot, beach side. One ever few feet with nice benches too.


  1. Was that octopus alive? It looked like coral. Maybe that is camouflage? I thought that big eel was cool too. When are you going to pet one?

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