Friday, June 29, 2012

random things that make me terribly happy

most of which are food related...
plantain chips
french toast for dinner
when bogie sits on my shoulder 
avocado shakes
any excuse to buy oreos
running around the airport with tiago
homemade mango juice 
sushi date with blake
in-n-out - protein style and vanilla shake
twistee treat after a trip to the lds temple

well i guess food just makes me happy. really i think it's the time we take to spend with family and friends as we eat that makes me happy. but maybe not, maybe its just the food. it was nice looking through pictures of random things that make me happy, because today was not a very happy day. summer classes are killing me. the sun came out and i stayed inside to studying. i have not left the house, and i mean all day. i have only left this chair a handful of times. but sometimes you have to push through a day of torturous school work, to be able to scuba diving the next day. so one more thing that makes me terribly happy. no school work tomorrow and i'm going scuba diving.

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