Friday, April 20, 2012

Jari Graduated!!

Rexburg Idaho, this has been the residence of Miss Jari for, four years.
Summer 2007
But no longer, this little lady just graduated. 
Mom, Dad, Adam and I got to make the trip to Idaho for the BIG event (Blake did not get to come:/). It was a short but fun weekend with the family. Mom made our stay in Idaho that much better by reserving two themed hotel rooms for our stay. This little surprise was not really planed, it's just what happens when a big University is located in a small town. It just happened to be the last two hotel rooms available to book, 2 months before graduation. So we stayed in the "lagoon" while Mom and Dad stayed in the "Orient". Here are a few photos that were taken...
I did not get any pictures of my parent's room. Lets just say instead of a tree they had an elephant. Along with a little bridge to their hot tub and a buddha towel holder. 

While in Rexburg we got to eat at Craigo's (who changed their name to the Pizza Pie Cafe). I have truly missed their dessert pizzas.  
I also did a little photo shoot with Jari. Although I am not the best photographer, (it was terrifying to be at a prime photo taking event without Blake) I think we got some good pictures out of it. More photos here.
So glad we got to spend time with Lala and her family.
Then we sat through all the different ceremonies, till finally Jari got her cute little diploma cover.
Yup, the cool kids get the front row.

Congratulations Jari!! 

We also had a little after party. Which included eating, swimming, and three little monkeys (aka our little cousins) enjoying the lagoon. 


  1. I wish I knew you were there! I was in the choir haha Congrats to Jari!

    1. oh Steph I'm sorry I did not tell you. But I did get to see you in the choir... it was beautiful! Things where just so crazy that weekend, I did not have time for much.