Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Last Lecture

Today I have been thinking a lot about life and death. How grateful I am for the life I have been given and the people I have been given to share it with. Yesterday evening and this morning Blake's grandparents Billy Smith Eoff and Douglas Dalton Eoff died only 7 hours apart from one another. After 64 years of marriage how sweet that they were about to pass together. I can only hope Blake and I will leave this mortal life only hours apart.

Thinking of Blake's Grandparents made me think of my own. My siblings and I were all named after our wonderful Grandparents. Jarinete named after my Dad's Mom and Adamastor after my Dad's Dad. And me you ask? I got my name from both of my Mom's parents, Deanna and Le(e)land Thomas. Looking back at the time I spend and the things I have learned from my own Grandmas and great Grandmothers (I have never had the privilege of meeting any of my Grandpa's in this life, but Dug was a wonderful Grandpa to me) I hope I have taken that knowledge and changed for the better from their examples. 

After spending the morning thinking of all the wonderful people who have touched my life I went to Microbiology. There I complained with a classmate that the last test we had in Anatomy and Physiology was tricky and on the verge of being unfair. We both felt as if the teacher told us to study one thing and tested us on the other, just to be mean. We talked about the stress of trying to get into the P.A. program and what we would do if we did not get accepted. Then after sitting though a long leacher the teacher showed us this clip. 

For the full Lecture go here.

How easy I forget what really matters. I have been given good parents and wonderful grandparents. People matter not things or degrees. If my plans fail there will still be happiness in my life, if I want there to be. Even though people pass away we are still able to learn and grow from the life they live, as I am still learning from my Grandparents. I hope when the time comes my children and family will be able to look back at my life and be able to learn from it.

So here is my goal, to stop complaining about school and start having more fun. Here is to being more of a Tigger than an Eeyor. And here is to living up to what our Grandparents have done for us. They raised wonderful, loving and fun parents for Blake and I. I am grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and my knowledge that families are eternal

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  1. annalee I'm so sorry about your (husband's) grandparents...but how wonderful that they left this world almost right together. I'm with you and only hope my sweetheart and I pass away like that.

    And I love your goals to be more optimistic and grateful...you inspire me to do the same! :) And if you liked that video (which is awesome) you'll LOVE Randy Pausch's book!! "The Last Lecture" is fantastic...I have paragraphs highlighted and tons of notes written through out it. What a great man he was.